USM Privacy Panels

USM U. Schärer Söhne AG:

Alexander Schärer (CEO), Thomas Dienes
(Head of Product Development),
Carole Gerber (Head of Marketing Switzerland and Export Markets), Adrian Braun (Project Leader)

In collaboration with:

atelier oï: Armand Louis, Aurel Aebi, Patrick Reymond (Co-Founders)

Whatever one may think of the open-plan office, it is a fact of social life. As long as this remains the case, there will be an urgent need for partitions and acoustic systems. The furniture company USM Haller has responded to this situation by developing its USM Privacy Panels – a flexible modular system for economically creating spatial areas which offer visual and acoustic privacy.Based on the modular matrix of the classic USM Haller furniture, the individual panels consist of highly compressed polyester fleece which is seamlessly attached to a framework of steel tubes. With these panels as building blocks, it is an easy matter to realise stable spatial arrangements in accordance with whatever is needed. The panels are available in different colours and in two design variants – either as a freestanding space divider, or as a table superstructure for use in combination with the office furniture.

Comments by the jury

USM’s Haller furniture system is a classic which has lost none of its topical relevance since it was developed and launched on the market decades ago. As a response to changes in the office environment – above all, to the need for the visual and acoustic screening of certain areas – the USM Privacy Panels represent an intelligent addition to the company’s market range. The sophisticated design of the product is in keeping with the best USM standards. Aesthetically restrained and at the same time visually appealing, the panels remain loyal to the modular idiom which has been characteristic of USM for many years. Sustainability has been served through the use of recycled materials.

Comments by the Nominators

To design a convincing extension of the classic USM range is a challenge in itself. The design technique solutions that the Privacy Panels come up with make a very solid impression. The texture of the panels results in an attractive play of light and shade.