Textbau. Schweizer Architektur
zur Diskussion

Holzer Kobler Architekturen GmbH:
Tristan Kobler, Laura Murbach, Ingo Böhler

Auftrag durch:

Schweizerischer Architekturmuseum S AM

The exhibition ‘Textbau. Schweizer Architektur zur Diskussion’ [‘Text Building – a Discussion of Swiss Architecture’] at the Swiss Architecture Museum (S AM) in Basel investigated the relevance of text as a medium of architecture, and reflected public debate and published discussion of building in the light of selected projects. The scenographic challenge here consisted in the absence of classic exhibits such as models, plans and pictures. The presentation finally realised drew inspiration from the white of the paper, the black of printer’s ink, the medium of the newspaper and the act of reading itself. The central exhibition room came across as a mixture of waiting room, reading room and lounge. Whereas the floor, ceiling and walls were all a brilliant white, the viewer’s attention was drawn to the print layouts, blurred to the point of illegibility, and enlarged black and white photographs on the walls. Black, hard-carpentered wooden seats alternated with piles of newspapers, inviting visitors to get to grips with the texts. In the ‘Therapy Room’ – which had green lighting and was furnished with recliners – architecture critics gave an account of their passion,
and talked about what it is like working on the Swiss press scene.

Comments by the Nominators

The absence of traditional exhibits made it a particular challenge to design this exhibition at the Swiss Architecture Museum. The radicalism of the answer which the scenographers came up with is impressively consistent, harmonious and rich in its sensuous colour symbolism – all of which leave a powerful impression.