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Shower with heat recycling

Joulia SA:

Reto Schmid, Christoph Rusch, Roman Svaton

In collaboration with:

Creaholic SA.

Supported by:

Klimastiftung Schweiz und der
Stiftung für technologische Innovation STI.

In developed countries, many people take their habit of a daily shower for granted. But the energy that has to be used for this is considerable. A hot shower lasting eight minutes takes up about as much energy as would be needed to scale the Eiffel Tower in Paris 55 times! This is where the newly developed heat recovery system Joulia-inline comes into play. It uses the hot waste water that would have been wasted in the past to pre-heat the cold incoming water. This reduces the energy consumption that is needed for a hot shower by as much as 50%. To make it possible, a heat exchanger consisting of copper pipes just six centimetres wide is invisibly incorporated in the drainage channel of the shower. The practical advantages of the system come to expression both in the compact and sophisticated design, and in its being easy to access for cleaning purposes.

Comments by the jury

Joulia-inline stands for an immediately convincing idea – in retrospect, you can only be amazed that no one ever thought of it before. As a result of careful development work, and in cooperation with well qualified partners, a great idea has given rise to a product that meets market requirements in every respect: simply designed, easy to integrate and speedy to install. The wholly practical aspects, like servicing and cleaning, also appear to have been dealt with in the best possible way. It isn’t often that energy saving can be achieved with such a relative lack of technical complication.

Comments by the Nominators

The idea of using the energy contained in hot waste water from the shower to pre-heat the cold incoming water, so generating considerable energy savings, is as simple as it is brilliant. The technical implementation seems very professional. Joulia-Inline should be in every home!