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GO is a street light that relies on LED light. It falls in the category of mast lights, and is designed for use in residential areas, in parks or in the immediate vicinity of buildings. The central element of the design is the slender lamp head, on which the LEDs, which are combined in lenses, are mounted. Its size is precisely tailored to the light technology needs, i.e. to the space taken up by the assembled components.The principal idea behind the formal design of the lamp head, which was intended to be slender but at the same time full of character, was that of tracing the emission of the light. Rounded at the top, the lamp head tapers in quasi-conical form towards the point. Accordingly its apex points slightly downwards away from the mast. This almost makes the impression that the lantern is turning toward passing pedestrians with a kind of sheltering gesture.

Comments by the Nominators

With the help of state-of-the-art lighting technology, the luminaire head has been kept small. This results in a functional and formally restrained product for public areas, one that makes an independent design impression – refreshingly modern, and versatile in terms of use.