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DAHU Ski Boots

DAHU Sports Company Ltd


Nicolas Frey (CEO & Founder), Maxime Thenus (CFO),
Antoine Massy (Sr R&D & Production Manager),
Joelle Gilliéron (Sales Manager),
Clément Rozier (Sponsoring & Events Manager)

Ski boots are among the necessary evils of winter sport on two boards. It’s heavy going when you are wearing them, and once you get off the piste, it’s sheer hell getting around with these bulky clogs weighing you down. In the light of this problem, the DAHU ski boot has been developed with a view to making a real difference. Its development involved rethinking opposed requirements – hardness and flexibility, safety and comfort, look and performance. The aim was to develop a model that would be comfortable even when worn for extended periods. The result is a ski shoe with a detachable exoskeleton. The DAHU ski shoe delivers unlimited performance on the ski slopes, but it can easily be modified – after which you can wear it without a qualm for hiking, shopping or going out in the evening.

Comments by the Nominators

A convincing combination of soft winter boots and hard-shell ski shoes that istechnically impeccable and fashionably aesthetic at the same time. The product makes a classy and up-market impression. Above all it answers the contemporary preference for combining skiing with après-ski in the pleasantest way possible.