FREITAG lab. ag

Daniel Freitag, Markus Freitag, Daniel Rohrer, Maya Suter, Christian Schori, Isabella Stoklossa, Marianne Schoch

F-ABRIC is the name of a collection developed and launched by the Zurich label FREITAG. First and foremost, it is designed with a view to sustainability. All models of this ‘working wear’ collection are produced in Europe and are made from fibres that are grown or produced in Europe, like linen, hemp or modal. Accordingly they can be completely broken down into compost after use. The collection is committed to sustainability in formal terms as well, and so aims at normality in preference to striking originality. F-ABRIC would like to be seen as a hard-wearing, modern and contemporary form of eco-clothing. Its target public consists in city-dwellers with a well-developed environmental awareness and sensitivity to quality. In FREITAG’s eyes, the collection is an example of sustainability in practice – a quality that extends to cover the entire production and consumption chain.

Comments by the Nominators

Freitag made itself a name with bags from recycled lorry tarpaulins – now with F-ABRIC it is tackling a new theme in the area of ecology and lifestyle. Uncompromisingly based on sustainability principles, these specially developed eco-textiles and the clothing made from them show a high measure of credibility.