Metal Base Kollektion 

Création Baumann AG, Langenthal


Eliane Ernst, Christian Brunner,
Mario Klaus, Sibylle Aeberhard, Geneviève Hirt,
Brigitte Signer, Katharina Schäfer

Façades with extensive areas of glass have been part of the formal repertoire of modern and contemporary architecture for decades. This gives rise to interiors where an abundance of natural light enters by way of the large window openings. These naturally call for measures whereby the input of light and heat can be regulated. This was the background to the development and launch of Création Baumann’s Metal Base Collection. It consists in highly functional curtain materials for windows, which serve as blinds and glare shields as well as keeping out heat and ultraviolet radiation. The effect is achieved through a special high-tech method which metallises the textiles with a choice of metals – brass, copper, aluminium or steel may be used. The materials of the Metal Base Collection are not only superlatively functional – their simple nobility and elegance are likewise impressive, making them equally suitable for use in the contract sector or in a private and domestic setting.

Comments by the jury

With Metal Base, Création Baumann has once again come up with a textile collection which combines innovative production technology with aesthetic added value. The development of the fabrics, which make an almost alchemical impression, was in response to a need resulting from contemporary architecture with its preference for glass façades. The collection uses the traditional advantages of textiles – protection against direct sunlight, and sound absorption – and adds yet another: the reflection of the light falling on the fabric, so as to reduce heat input. With their aesthetic qualities, Metal Base textiles can be used equally well in a domestic setting, in public spaces or in the office.

Comments by the Nominators

With these metallised fabrics Création Baumann is presenting what is actually a world novelty – and the result is convincing on both the functional and the aesthetic level. The collection is an answer in textiles to the call for ergonomically designed workplaces and climatic wellbeing in light-bathed buildings.