Rado Star Prize Switzerland for Young Talent


Applied Fiction

An Object-Based Exploration of Possible Futures

Michaela Büsse

ZHdK / Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
– Master of Arts in Design, Field of Excellence Trends

This ambitious Master’s project under the title of Applied Fiction may be understood as a novel approach to the thematisation of futuristic questions. It analyses the hitherto unconscious common features between design and futuristic research, and illustrates, with the help of design experiments, what a combination of the two disciplines might look like in practice. The result of the work is first of all a publication, which is concerned with historic images of the future and with the current state of futuristic, design and science fiction research; while at the same time a creative method for workshops has been developed by means of which scenarios of the future can be incarnated in design objects. A compendium in the form of a card game documents the setting up of a workshop of this kind. The card game is intended to form an inspirational basis for innovation processes.

Comments by the Nominators

This work adopts an exciting and far-ranging approach, and its efficiently conducted engagement with socially relevant future issues makes a powerful impression. User-friendly and sensitive to requirements, it goes beyond pure analysis and offers a specially developed innovation methodology of its own.