Rado Star Prize Switzerland for Young Talent


6x6 Grande


Aurélie Mathieu, Charlotte Sunnen

In collaboration with:

the Gros-Derudet marble works,
thanks to support from an Ikea grant

Furniture in natural stone has had a long tradition in the history of design. In this field, the designer collective Grande is opening up new paths. Its collection of furniture and objects in stone originated in the desire to make a meaningful use of the left-over materials to be found in natural stone works. Inspired by composite materials like laminated wood, the designers came up with the idea of sticking relatively thin natural stone slabs together, and so endowing them with very much enhanced stability. The joints have been made clearly visible as a result of the dyeing of the adhesive, and become a programmatic aesthetic element in the designs. In keeping with the material, this natural stone furniture from Grande is characterised by a constructively architectural formal idiom. Conceptually situated between design and art, it will unfold its sculptural qualities in a living space with effect.

Comments by the Nominators

Natural stone does not often feature as a material in furniture design, and perhaps deserves better. The articles of this independent collection are notable above all for their innovative structural design, which is accentuated by the coloured adhesive. The formal idiom matches the character of the material, with its aspiration to permanency.