Rado Star Prize Switzerland for Young Talent


Showpiece – Soundable Fashion 

Interactive Midi Controller Jacket

Ylenia Gortana

Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee
– Modedesign/Elab


Carola Zwick (product design),
Nils Krüger (product design), Mika Satomi (Elab) 

This project has been realized within a interdisciplinary course with the working title „seamless transitions“. Supported by BMW.

Fashion and music have had a close mutual relationship since time immemorial. The  Soundable Fashion project aims to raise the relationship between these two disciplines to a new level. The starting point for the development work involved was the catwalk situation. With the object of making the music into an integral component of an article of clothing, a jacket was created which simultaneously functions as a music controller. It consists of a matrix of 52 textile sensors, which on being pressed send a signal via Bluetooth to a computer. The sensors have individual loops, notes, effects or filters assigned to them. From the signals it receives, the computer generates musical sequences. By contrast with classic fashion creations, here the form is subordinated to the function. All the same it proved possible to find an aesthetically appealing design for the functional electronic inner workings of the jacket.

Comments by the Nominators

The coupling of fashion and music readily suggests itself, because both artistic genres are closely linked to the contemporary spirit and lifestyle. Designed for a catwalk presentation, this project is an interesting approach – likewise from the technical point of view – with a view to building a bridge between these disciplines.