Rado Star Prize Switzerland for Young Talent


BLOOMING SPECIES is the title of a jewellery collection which was created as a final Master’s degree project. It embraces the themes of nature, the landscape, the human being and jewellery, and aspires to be a kind of fantastic vegetation capable of twining around the human body. The starting point of the collection was chance objects found in outdoor nature. The resulting assembly of articles rapidly developed an imaginary life of its own, in which the real and the fictional intermingled and gave rise to novel creations. The interplay of the genuine and the spurious, the natural and the artificial, the precious and the banal yielded surprising forms, colours, textures, dimensions and proportions. The articles of jewellery created in the studio in this way seek out their own place on the body, and are completely free to do so. The body becomes as it were a fertile soil, on which this special kind of ornament blossoms.

Comments by the Nominators

A contemporary form of jewellery inspired by nature, partly consisting of processed organic finds and partly of crafted elements. The potential of this project, which has already attracted international notice, goes far beyond the classic jewellery sector and has implications for fashion and interior design.