Rado Star Prize Switzerland for Young Talent


reverso, ein Wortspiel

Tiziana Artemisio

Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst

When designing fonts, the main objective is on the whole to make the individual letters as legible as possible. When characters can be interpreted in more than one way, it is seen as a problem. But the deliberate engagement with polyvalent letter forms can in fact be quite stimulating, as the reverso project demonstrates. What is involved is a tactile/kinetic game using wooden dice, which forms the basis for a playful encounter with linguistic symbols. The heart of the game is a universal alphabet, optimised for purposes of rotation, each of whose letters can be read in several different directions. The game consists of 49 wooden dice, which can be laid alongside or on top of one another. This is designed to encourage enjoyment of the pictorial aspect of language, and facilitate access to the optical idiom. The accompanying publication conveys information about the rotatability of the characters, and demonstrates a series of game variants.

Comments by the Nominators

Clever in conception and sophisticated in the realisation, reverso is more than just a game. It provides the basis for new combinations of multiple words with a very limited range of characters – a playful invitation to reflect on the ambivalence of symbols and the power of interpretation.