Rado Star Prize Switzerland for Young Talent


… C’est Le Pompon!

University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins
– Master of Arts in Fashion, Fashion Knitwear
and Textile Designer 

Sponsored by:

Remateks Kosovo (Garn), Swisstulle Schweiz (Netz)

… C’est le Pompon is a final Master’s degree project which engages with an ancient textile craft technique – the pompon – and reinterprets it in a new way. The project occupies a borderline zone between fashion, performance and art. It sees itself as a playfully experimental deconstruction or reconstruction of clothing, making use of a traditional textile technique. In imitation of the modular concept of Lego bricks, the individual pompons are surrounded by a rectangular frame. These can be joined up in any way you like, so as to create a garment. This sets up an intriguing contrast between the relatively simple basic elements and the complexity of the possible combinations. … C’est le Pompon shows how a traditional craft technique can be combined with modern conceptual design in order to meet contemporary fashion requirements.

Comments by the Nominators

Well-grounded research into an ancient textile technique, combined with modern conceptual design, has here resulted in an exciting reinterpretation, which has been realised with a high degree of creativity. Evincing beauty and charm, the designs hover in an intermediate area between fashion, performance and art.