Sustainable Impact Prize: Energy Efficient Lighting Technologies x Design


Turning the lamp into a luminaire – or to put it differently, finding the perfect marriage of the light source and the luminaire body – is an idea that easily suggests itself, and one that has already concerned designers for decades. The solution has now been found. In view of modern LED technology, with its long service life and energy efficiency, it is a project of particular topicality today – all the more so considering that LED light, by contrast with traditional forms of light technology, is not bound to a specific form like that of the light bulb.The present project – a genuine innovation – accordingly involves variously shaped fluorescent screens made of milky compressed glass with an integrated LED module. These, just like traditional light bulbs, can be screwed directly into a light fitting. Ampoule LMP comes across as the fusion of a lamp and an atmospherically appealing luminaire body. The resulting product is an object of interest, not least in view of its sustainable and economic potential.

Comments by the jury

The work has been based on the fundamental idea, as simple as it is smart, of directly combining the luminous element with the lamp itself. Provided that production can be realised on an industrial scale, the market potential of the design, which at the same time defines a new product genre, is enormous. The all-in-one approach followed here meets the demand for sustainability by using energy-efficient and long-lasting LED technology, as well as by the choice of the recyclable material glass. Serial production would make it possible for the product to be marketed at a reasonable price, as an attractive solution for many kinds of lighting scenario. The different models and sizes are an invitation to think up entertaining combinations.

Comments by the Nominators

A convincingly intelligent solution which incorporates LED technology in a glass lampshade, so as to optimise the diffusion of light and create a powerfully atmospheric innovation – and it is a world first! The easily recyclable glass material is in keeping with the long life of the LEDs.