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Product – Consumer Goods



Nanuu is a top-quality versatile toy made of plywood. It is designed to stimulate children’s imagination and appeal to their constructive instincts. It consists of six elements: a broad, curved semicircular wooden board which serves as the base; two very much narrower, straight wooden boards which can be inserted in the slits of the base element; two safety bolts which hold the boards in place; and a textile element which serves as a support for the base element, or else can be used to expand it into a tube. Based on these building blocks, in just a few steps you can construct rocking horses, coaches, cars, space ships, sales kiosks, theatre stages, castles, UFOs and a whole lot more. The boards have holes where you can insert wooden rods, ropes or things you have made yourself, so as to extend the range of playful possibilities. Tested and optimised in the course of a long development process, Nanuu is now ready for the market and will be going into serial production in the near future.

Comments of the nominators

In a world that is often flooded out with over-designed plastic toys, Nanuu comes almost as a revelation – a well-thought-out tool kit in wood, which makes it possible for children to develop their creativity. The simplicity of the design is impressive, like the completely natural and straightforward aesthetics, leaving the child’s imagination plenty of scope.