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Product – Consumer Goods


Waltz N°1

Miloš Ristin – Product Design

Carl Suchy & Söhne

Robert Punkenhofer – CEO


Marc Jenni – Inhaber

Uhrmacher AHC  


Reinhard Steger – Inhaber

Markenbildung & Grafik



The Carl Suchy & Söhne watch brand was founded in Prague in 1822. Established in Vienna as well since 1863, its pocket watches, which were even then being produced in Switerland, earned it the title of Purveyor to the Imperial and Royal Court. With the death of the second generation of the Suchy family, however, the brand which is still coveted by collectors today disappeared around the turn of the century.

After an interval of a good hundred years, the brand is now being resuscitated in the Waltz Nº1 wrist watch. Completely developed and produced in Switzerland, the watch comes with a top-quality watch mechanism and measures up to the highest standards of the industry. The design harks back to the Vienna Secession, an exciting time for designers, and has links with the work of the architect Adolf Loos. Its notable and characteristic feature, apart from the “waltzing” seconds disc – a reference to the Viennese waltz –, is the concave and asymmetrically decorated watch face.

Comments of the nominators

At a time laden with difficulty for the watch industry, reviving a traditional brand and giving it a new face takes courage. The young designer has successfully met this challenge head on. The design of the watch face has conspicuous recognition value, lending the watch a fresh and contemporary aesthetic along with a touch of luxury.