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SwissEnergy Lighting Prize



Concept, construction, developement:

REGENT Beleuchtungskörper AG

Martin Rasch – Projektleiter

Johannes Seifermann – Produktmanager

Denis Römer – Konstruktion

Stephan Wägner – Produktionsengineering

Matthieu Schoenn – Projekteinkauf


schneider+schumacher – Architekturbüro


The Lightpad standard lamp has been developed for use in the open-plan office, and meets all the standards to be observed in such a context. It consists of a footplate, an upright element right-angled in crosssection which incorporates the controls, and an extremely flat lamp head – of which up to four can be assembled on a single upright. This makes it possible to respond to different lighting requirements and table configurations – resulting in not insignificant economic benefits.

The lamp heads, which thanks to the most up-to-date LED technology are only 19 mm thick, radiate 30 per cent direct and 70 per cent indirect light. A specially developed sandwich technology, also known as Optical Stack Track Technology, ensures doubly asymmetrical – i.e. in two horizontal directions – distribution of light, so that light can be focused on either side on the centre of the working area. This gives rise to an extremely even illumination of the tables, which is experienced as being pleasant. Depending on the given table configuration, lamp heads can be mounted which provide suitable light distribution capacity.

Comments of the nominators

The formally minimalist design of this office lamp is functional and rectilinear. Particularly impressive are the light technology aspects. The even illumination of a working area has always been a problem for standard lamps. With Lightpad, this defect has been rectified with the help of a specially developed directional illumination system. The lamp is extremely efficient, with a factor of 120 lm/W, as well as meeting the stringent Minergy requirements.